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If you need custom made and design

– Kitchen benchtop Granite, Marble
– Laundry and Vanity Top, Granite, Marble
– Coffee Tables, Granite, Marble

Stones made to order and cut on size. We have natural stones Local or Imported cut to size and measurement and installation.

Limestone and travertine are easy stones to customize because their sizes can be shaped according to the user’s own liking. Travertine is a good material for making footpaths and garden ways. At home, you can use it for bathroom floors and vanities because it can withstand humid environment. They can be found in several colours

Marble Stone
Marble is beautiful and elegant which makes it a popular material for foyers, countertops, fireplace facings, walls, floors, windowsills and hearths. The stone selection adds a sophisticated finish to places where it is installed, thanks to its inherent warmth. It is easy to maintain even when installed in wet area applications such as showers and tub decks.

Natural Stone
Natural stones are used for stone siding in home detailing projects, outdoor kitchens and siding finishes. They can either be used when cut to uniform sizes or in its natural state and it carries both the aesthetic and durability values.
Exterior insulation and finishing system, (EIFS) Stucco and Acrylic are fire resistant, firm and strong and are composed of water, Portland cement, lime and sand. They have been found to be both efficient and durable and have quickly gained popularity. Suitable for both domestic and commercial facilities. KC Stones ensures you get the best possible finish on all your installations, achievable.


Ceasar stone custom design, measure fit and install


Marble stone custom design, measure fit and install